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  • hugUhbear wrote...
    Add a SG or PF that can take over the game.
    Dudley's chemistry is brilliant but we need a brilliant shooting guard or small forward; someone that makes the game easier because they can take it over; i.e. kevin martin. Also would be nice to have an actual PF like David West or kris Humphries or Al Thornton.
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  • Chuck W. wrote...
    Well at least
    the Suns won the last game and it wasn't a loss hat trick on AZ teams yesterday. What happened to the Yote's and D-backs? Wholly crap!
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  • azreba wrote...
    Our season sucked big time
    BUT thank you guys for beating SA last night. Win or lose, SA will always be our #1 rival and it always feels good to beat a rival. Who knows how next year will turn out but I am hoping Sarver and crew get their collective heads out of their collective arses and figure something out. It's painful to watch something you love die.
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  • HPB wrote...
    Letting Amar'e leave without getting anything in return hurt badly. I put that squarely on management. You can't let a player of that caliber leave without getting anything back in return. He should have been traded before the deadline. The team is also very small and gets out rebounded on a regular basis. If the team would focus on defense and rebounding they wouldn't have to score so many points. Management really needs to put their heads together and begin taking steps to imporve the team defensively. We also need someone that can create his own shot in the half court.
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  • Marc M. wrote...
    What about signing J-Rich, who is a free agent and enjoyed playing here. Then trying to get someone like Paul Millsap or some other power forward. I don't know if the Suns have the assets to do it, but they have Carter's expiring contract and Robin Lopez.
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