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  • hugUhbear wrote...
    Cards big board based upon:
    Value/Need priority/Player vs. system fit....Now, for the #5 pick I would be shocked, shocked if Von Miller or Robert Quinn was not chosen. One will be available and on their big board I have Miller=1....Quinn=2.....Peterson=3.
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  • fenix3030 wrote...
    This article mirrors my feelings to a teeeeee! Kolb is safest (or so we gather from his few starts) but his demands are too extravagant. The lock-out should skew our draft choices, should it not? We NEED a QB. can we rely on FA? Ugh this sux!
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  • AJ1 wrote...
    I'm in the same boat.
    I've been in the stay away from Gabbert camp too, but I've done the same re-evaluation process you have lately, and he's starting to look a little better... I'd still love to see V.Miller. Peterson's 9 on the wonderlic makes me a little nervous. I don't care if he is a corner, I still like smart football players. I won't be so sad if they end up with Gabbert, though it will definitely temper my expectations for 2011.
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  • theuglytruth wrote...
    Best available period.
    The facts are on every NFL DRAFT BIG BOARD. Not mocks. Miller and Peterson are blue chip player ranked #'s 1, 2 or 3. Both QB's are not in top10. You can't pick solely on need, thats how we got Levi Brown.
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