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  • coloradoson wrote...
    Unfounded fears
    Honestly, I think anyone who thinks Jimmer can't get it done in the NBA needs a psych evaluation. The biggest thing to know about him is that he has crazy work ethic. He improved every year he played in college, and there isn't reason to believe he can't do it now. Is he a work in progress? Certainly. But really what rookie isn't? He is better than people give him credit for. Besides, if there is ever one thing you need more of in the NBA it's scoring, and Jimmer can do that no matter what.
    “People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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  • HPB wrote...
    Fears are on Point
    It isn't that I don't think Jimmer will pan out in the NBA, it is that he is not a good fit for the Suns as the team is constrcted right now! The Suns' problem is not scoring, it is that they can't seem to get a rebound or defend anyone on a consistent basis. If we would work on those areas the team wouldn't have to drop 100 plus a game to win. Defense is the key to getting back to the playoffs! Look at how the Suns did in the major defensive categories this year....not good!
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  • Ron F. wrote...
    Why all the hate toward Jimmer?
    To be honest, I didn't watch him much, but from what I saw, the kid can flat out score the basketball. He has NBA 3-point range already, and I can only see him getting better. At 13, what are you going to get in this draft, anyway. Remember Robin Lopez? He was taken pretty close to this time, and he hasn't turned out so well. So, picking 13 has no guarantees. At least you have 1 guarantee with Jimmer.... he can shoot!
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  • SamoanSunDevil wrote...
    Nothing like Tebow
    I'be watched Jimmer play in person. The kid can play. I agree with previous comments. He's coachable, and has improved his game every year. You all need to watch Dan Patrick's response to all the Jimmer haters.
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  • Sensei wrote...
    So what?
    After the first few picks this draft has no starter quality player. What do we expect from the 13th pick? Clippers, Kings and Golden state have better young talents than Suns. I don't know what we get in this draft but it will not be enough to compete with any of those teams and did I mention Lakers are in our division too. Too bad. Great job Mr. Sarver.Great foresight.
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