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  • Tennisgrandpa wrote...
    Business is Business
    Ever own a business Burnsie? Ever want to go under trying to keep things afloat? Quit looking for reasons to piss and moan and stand witht his team. I know its common place for the Phoenix sports media (if ya really want to call them that) to take pot shots and play the "same old Cardinals" card. We're tired of hearing it and if you can't see the Cardinals have changed then you really don't know much about sports or business.
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  • theuglytruth wrote...
    They just needed a reason.
    And the lockout provided one. Let's face it, the apple doesn't fall far from the Bidwell tree and a series of videos called "All In" and a letter to season ticket holders doesn't mean squat until they start walking the talk and acting right...period!
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  • tehQuagmire wrote...
    Burns does support this team...
    Tennisgrandpa Dale: Burns isn't critizing the Cards, he's reprimanding the other people who are. The Cards are being slammed for doing what other teams have already done.
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