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  • Jayy16 wrote...
    careful Gambo
    basketball is still basketball no matter the system. he's still a 3rd string guard on a bad basketball team. Plus hes injured? meh be careful with this one. may not be as clear cut as you think.
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  • DarkPhoenixSaga wrote...
    The only hope would be that he turns into a Mike Conley where he's bad and becomes good. But I'd rather take my chances on Marshon Brooks. As of now though? I think Minny would laugh and take the #13 if we offered it.
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  • TBC1977 wrote...
    And Derrick Williams?
    I wish they could simultaneously find a way to land the #2 pick for a shot at Derrick Williams WITHOUT giving up Gortat. Lopez, Pietrus, Warrick, "future considerations" maybe?
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  • Ace S. wrote...
    I like it Gambo
    I completely agree, this is a very weak draft and Flynn is probably better than anything we can get this year. I'd probably wait until draft day just to make sure a solid PF didn't drop to our spot, but if not, I'd fully support this deal. PS - Tell Ash to leave the NBA trade talk to you.
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  • Steve H. wrote...
    Wow, you've outdone yourself
    This is a horrible idea. Jonny Flynn at this point isn't even worth a 2nd round pick. MN is in a position where their GM Kahn needs to make a huge charge forward. It's his last year of his contract, they have all kinds of assets(draft picks and young players) and cap room. What they don't need is more draft picks and young players. They have Rubio coming and need veterans badly, and develop their roster appropriately. I can see them getting rid of the triangle, getting a system to take advantage of their young athletes and the kind of pg that Rubio is.
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