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  • Fred T. wrote...
    Sour Grapes
    You wrote: The fan base has never felt as disinterested as it is now Lisa Love had a lot to do with this when she added the "gift" tax to season tickets. Many long time Sun Devil fans bailed. Erickson seems to have a hard time recruiting true blue chip athletes. Perhaps it is becuse he's honest and isn't breaking the rules like "The Ohio State", Auburn, Alabama, etc.... I'll take a group of honest players and coaches over the cheaters. Sour grapes by the ex player.
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  • DMIRANDY wrote...
    good job Kerri
    Kerri has betrayed his "family". it makes me sick to see him wearing that purple U dub gear and talking about how he is telling other recruits not to "make the same mistake he made". What a fool, he is done and has no shot at the next level. Glad he is gone, he never lived up to the hype. He is a little rat be-atch, his actions only validate why he was given 2 girls names. go away Kerri, maybe your little bro will make it big and you can ride on his nuts.
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  • Jcraig33 wrote...
    Did you even watch ASU last year?!?
    "In the midst of all the close losses - the we're-this-close hope that we are sold every year - comes the inescapable notion that ASU football is boring." Burnsy...please. You can say that this team underachieved last year (I believe they did), but you can't say that ASU is boring. That offense was a lot of fun to watch last year, and it will be better this year with everyone having a year under their belt. You can call ASU irrelevant, but most teams who don't win are, aren't they? Obviously a big year for Erickson. It's been building to this for the last 2 years.
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