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  • The Show Speak wrote...
    I like pizza too...
    "When you lose 189 games in two years you don't need to get it all back in one season." Spot on Dave.
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  • Jarrod P. wrote...
    Why would the loss of a sub par, poor hitting, consistently underachieving shortstop determine whether they win or lose? If anything, they are better off now. Now Roberts can can daily playing time or they can call up Cowgill or Abreu and move guys around. Thsi was not a true contending team anyway with this lineup. This team, though, has impressed greatly. It is a testament to Gibby. This team needed a true leader and good things are coming down the road. Jarrod
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  • AzSunnyD wrote...
    To Jarrrod P.
    Do you really watch this team? Did you just say we are better off without Stephen Drew? You're outta your mind, while his offensive prowess leaves something to be desired (he has batted .280 or better in 3 of 6 years) his defense is so beautiful that when he occasionally doesn't get to some balls no shortstop would you wonder what's wrong. This guysavers fantastic. He regularly steals hits from batters. That means fewer base runners, which means fewer opportunities for runs allowed...and that means his lower average works out just fine...
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  • Jarrod P. wrote...
    Hey Sunny D
    Sounds like you suffer from what I call AZ Fanitis.Its when you fall in love with a player for being a swell guy and being here for more than 4 years.Drew had one decent year,2008.This year he ranks 11th in fielding and 16th in hitting.In 4 full seasons he has batted over .280 one time.I don't hate him,but in response to this specific article,this may be a good thing.It may allow the D Backs to realize they are on the right path but not with this team, not this year.It may allow for different guys to get a shake now.Again, not a Drew hater, but this may be a good thing for this season.
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  • Trey M. wrote...
    I'm sure the club will miss Drew, but I think it may help inspire the team. 4 games back with only 2 months to go?? Pretty good and it's possible the Braves will fade even if the Giants keep it going. Drew is a leader and a good fielder but maybe a better bat makes up for that. For the D-backs to make a run we do need a lift from a few positions and maybe a decent middle reliever at least. It may be a lot to ask but I think we will see Gibson and his team in the race near the finish line.
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