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  • FitzIsMyHero wrote...
    Fitz is right
    Winning is contagious. They set the bar of expectations at a high level. They went 7-2 after starting 1-6. They showed us fans how well they really are. Please work hard and don't disapoint next year. I'll see you guys 2Xs next year. Good luck in the draft and FA!!
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  • DanTheTimid wrote...
    I'd also like to add
    Even if they still don't make the playoffs next year, if they play like they did this year, I think I'd be okay with it. That is to say, during the brief DA era I found myself no longer enjoying games. Yes its always more fun to watch wins then losses, but it was the way they lost, and even the way they won. They just weren't any fun to watch. They were constantly getting trampled and had no real hope of making a comeback. This year, win or lose, the Cards were fun to watch, always a keeping it close or always a threat to make that late game come back, and that's football I enjoy win or lose.
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  • mesa mad man wrote...
    Keep it in Perspective
    Definitely, a win is a win. But lets try to keep the season in perspective. They had one of the easiest schedules in the NFL, and only managed one victory against a team that finished with a winning record (SF). They have some major holes to plug this off-season (offensive line, a reliable #2 receiver, resigning CC). I would say if they accomplish two of those three and Kolb/Skelton can really jump out and claim the starting spot in training camp and preseason, they could be something special next season..
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  • Patrick Peterson's Talent wrote...
    Even though chemistry isn't measured in statistics, I think it's the most important aspect of a team. This team has outstanding chemistry. They did their part and played their butts off. The fans in AZ need to learn patience and loyalty. Hopefully this season helps to educate.
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  • FitzIsMyHero wrote...
    No one listen to PPTalent
    Or Danthetimid! You guys talk about being patient and settling for a average team not making the playoffs! Come on guys, really? Im a winner guys! Im very good at everything I do and I never settle for less. We have a conflict of interest because I dont settle for anything less than very good. Im a huge Fitz fan (and he's very very good) & I hope he gets a ring before his time is up. And if his team doesnt become a better than average team and hit the playoffs (which they are very capable of doing) I hope he asks for a trade. And if he did I think the Cards should.
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