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  • esc R. wrote...
    It is a dream, and I doubt it will happen. But I wonder if the front office and whiz are tuned into this potential opportunity? They seem hard headed and incompetent at times. I wonder if they think it is far fetch and will pick up bust Kolb and prove they can win with him instead of waiting and playing their cards right? I hope it does happen, but I am not holding my breath. If it does happen, that line needs a lot of help.
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  • FitzIsMyHero wrote...
    bad move
    Why? Cap space. I remember as a kid when we went school shopping I wanted the best pair of shoes. My mom said "if I get u those expensive shoes I can't get you pants and shirts". So I had to settle for inexpensive shoes so I could get pants and shirts too. As it is, Fitz is those pair of expensive shoes and we're struggling to find decent pants and shirts. Imagine if we get Manning? Where r we gna get decent pants and shirts?
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  • Mack44 wrote...
    More problems
    Even if we do get Manning, he will still end up as a Kobb. We dont have a great offensive line to stop from getting him sacked so in my opinion he will just be another Kobb who ends up getting more concussions and riding the bench. Cool to have him and watch him and Fitz hook up but it just takes one hit and our line cant stop it.
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  • CroDawg wrote...
    I'm sure that....
    Kurt Warner has spoken to Peyton about playing for Whiz and being in AZ. It might not be out of the question. Peyton is going to have a monster chip on his shoulder and the Cards are in serious position to compete. I think this Cards team is better than the super bowl team, except for Kurt of course. Insert Peyton for Kurt, spend every other penny you have on protection, make sure Horton stays, playoffs here we come.
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  • Think4URself wrote...
    Further...You aint seen nothin
    ...until you see Manning to Fitz. If my wish were to come true and Manning comes here. That connection will be unbelievable. You will see the game at a whole new level. A double threat run game, a pinpoint accurate flamethrower and a receiver with gecko hands---all with superior work-ethic. Holy crap-a-roni! Now add 2 possession recvrs, 3 TEs with hands and a defense in the top 10. Although it appears the Org is headed upward, this is EXACTLY what the organization needs to propel itself out of the NFL cellar to a place that players dream of being.
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