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  • azgbayfan wrote...
    Tanking a season - just plain lame!
    I can't imagine the benefit of tanking a season. If I was a season ticket holder I would never come back if the Suns did that. Tank a season so that you get a better draft pick which is "no guarantee" that takes a couple of years before they are ready. Meanwhile you have Dudley, Childress, Frye, Warrick, Morris, and Gortat who are now used to losing. Losing breeds losing! Sounds like a template the Clippers, Warriors, Kings, Bobcats, and others have been using
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  • azgbayfan wrote...
    I get the Nash Extension
    In case you haven't looked the 2012 free agent class doesn't look all that rosy anymore. Think you are going to get Howard or Williams? Think again! You might get a guy like Gordon or Mayo, but there is going to be plenty of competiton for them. The Suns are in a tight spot and there is no easy way out. Meanwhile you want the fans to support the team while you tank the season and give Nash the boot for nothing in return. I don't know who made you the expert, but maybe you should buy the tickets. You are the one who wants this
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  • hugUhbear wrote...
    What was it called in San Antonio
    when they tanked it to get Tim Duncan. I remember a lot of people in the talking basketball business talking about that as it went along. Pop was coach then, David Robinson and Sean Elliott on that team as well. SA is super competetive but they did tank that season and it paid off with multiple championships. Granted they knew as everyone did that Duncan was declaring andthat he was a generational player. They still tanked it though.
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  • theAdamGreen wrote...
    About losing...
    If you are worried that the Suns could create a culture of losing then, I'm sorry to say, it's going to happen whether they tank or not. In case you haven't noticed, this team is losing a lot of games right now. And, as for asking fans to support the team, that's not my job and the crowds at US Airways Center say support is waning anyway.
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  • azgbayfan wrote...
    Who has tanked it and made it work?
    All I want is an example of who has made that work. The Spurs is a bad example. Robinson played only 6 games that year and the Spurs were the third worst team and got lucky in the lottery. That was beating very long odds. Even though this is considered a very good draft, there is no one there considered as good a prospect as Tim Duncan was. The draft is a total crap shoot. If Portland had taken Durant instead of Oden OKC would still suck and Portland would be loaded and ask Portland how Sam Bowie worked out over Michael Jordan.
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