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  • hugUhbear wrote...
    Glad somebody that's not paid to love him does
    This guy ovbiously doesn't look at stats, which means as an NBA talking head he is lazy. His analysis on the show lacks insight and usually is based on how his dinner has settled on his tummy tum. Basically he is a clown gas bag spewing his disrespect and ignorance buffoon style just the way TNT likes it. What a waste of a fat suit.
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  • Baller wrote...
    Love Charles...
    Sorry, I still love the Chuckster, and he is very entertaining. My complaint with Steve Nash is the number of turn-overs. Does anyone track the number of turnovers vs. the number of assists? And maybe the All Star Game is not about defense, but it should be considered when voting for an All Star......... Sorry Steve, I love to watch you play (when you aren't throwing the ball away), but it takes more than shooting and having assists to be an All Star, and this year I'm not seeing it.
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  • Sean73 wrote...
    Nash is an All-Star
    Baller- I hear what you're saying, because Nash's style does lend itself to turnovers. But the stats show he's still an All-Star. You can see here
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  • starang wrote...
    If you think it takes more than shooting and assists to be an All Star then you need to follow a different sport. And to answer your question, Steve is 7th in ast/to ratio. Cris Paul is 1st, but has passed the ball for an assist 77 less times than Steve in the same period.
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  • Sean73 wrote...
    Well, I guess the comments box here doesn't allow HTML links, because my prior comment was cutoff at the link. Anyway, as Starang said, Nash is 7th among NBA PGs in assist-to-turnover ratio at 2.90. The only legit All-Star candidates he trails are CP3 (#1 at an insane 4.64) and Tony Parker (just ahead of Nash at 3.07). Nash is right around his career average of 2.93.
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