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  • JW L. wrote...
    The only thing our Suns owner understands is MONEY. I was a huge Suns (and NBA) fan for years. Now, the only time I get involved in the NBA is to write about it on these posts. If you are a Suns fan you have two problems. 1) Your owner is only worried about making money, and has almost NO basketball sense, and 2) the NBA is skewed heavily toward teams in the huge population states, which we are not part of. Time to move on...
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  • Tennisgrandpa wrote...
    Food for Thought
    JDub, he's something to kick around. First off let me say I agree with you 100%. I would say 110% but I hate that phrase, it's used to death just like "it is what it is", another stupid phrase, but I digress. The one thing that could work in our favor is that money thing. Cuz I see alot of empty seats on tv for Suns home games. He keeps putting that crappy product he calls a basketball team, US AIrways is gunna look like an ABA game from back in the day. Lon Babby is an idiot.
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  • hugUhbear wrote...
    Babby is con't the Sarver legacy
    Babby brought in Childress, Hak, Pietrus, Hedo, Telfair, Price, Brown and it was less than a year ago he traded a back-up point guard that could get us into our offense for a pt. guard that now is in China along with ANOTHER draft pick. Gortat and Morris are his ONLY saving grace from being universally declared the greatest loser FO management ever.
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  • daamage wrote...
    I understand that Jared Dudley...
    is a terrible pro basketball player. Sure hes a nice guy and contributes to social media but for PETES SAKE i never want to see him on the floor in the 4th quarter and never in the starting lineup. I cant understand what the coaches see in him, hes a clutz and yells HEY every time hes near the basket to try and convince the ref hes fouled, its embarrasing. Give Shannon Brown the minutes and starting chances Dudley got and you be the judge.
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  • Devilsfan wrote...
    Slow your roll fellas
    To the guy who says they don't follow the suns but puts in their two cents, please don't. The second you said you no longer follow, your credibility was gone. any lifelong Suns fan will tell you Gortat is the best pure center the suns have had in 20 years, so do not start dogging the trade w Hou. And Dudley is terrible? Are you kidding me? Hes exactly the kind of role player that makes teams great. solid spot up shooter, good on-ball defender, & the only guy outside Nash & hill that seems to actually give a hoot
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