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  • Devilsfan wrote...
    Az fans
    I am a native Arizonan and love my state immensely. However, I hate how "fans" here feel these franchises owe them the world, yet as soon as a season turns sour, the seats are empty and message boards like this are lit up with whines and complaints
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  • Carlos Bush wrote...
    Babby is a disgrace as is Sarver
    They've done one thing right, they've successfully dismantled the Phoenix Suns. From a contender to a cellar dweller, they are convinced they can keep Grant and Nash and the fans will continue to open up their pocket books and be fooled by 3rd rate talent after the two mentioned. Might as well fire Lon and trade Nash while he still has worth. Lottery, here come the Suns.
    Just say "NO" to Socialism.
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  • Rainex80 wrote...
    disagree with one thing
    "Understand that we know you are trying your best to win, with no one thinking your goal is to destroy a once-proud franchise" Sorry but that is where I, as well as thousands of suns fans disagree. It has been PAINFUL to watch the dismantling of a once high powered fast, fun offense who you knew would go deep into the playoffs. Turn into what is now on the court. You cannot justify what has been done, its been long enough with Nash to at this point you should atleast have a backup guard in place or someone being groomed. Sorry, its hard not to think the goal is to destroy the team.
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  • johnnyb588 wrote...
    First, it's an ownership group. Second, how is it the fault of the OWNER that scouts, GMs, coaches, and PBOs don't have any players in the draft they want to choose? News flash. Robert Sarver did not sell those picks because he wanted to pad his wallet a with a measly $300k-$500k. He sold the picks because the people around him told him there was no one worth taking. I don't like Sarver, but he gets so much crap he doesn't deserve from morons who don't know how sports franchises work.
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  • brokedamouf wrote...
    As a lifelong Suns fan, the most frustrating part of this scenario is that I don't believe the Suns are committed to rebuilding. Rebuilding is tough and means having really pathetic seasons where the team flat out sucks. But that is the only pathway to get back to a championship caliber team (unless another GM hands you Pau Gasol for peanuts... ahhemm). As long as Sarver continues to field a mediocre team, the Suns are not officially rebuilding. This is just one subpar season, soon to be follow by another. Time to pull a little "Suck for Luck".
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