Bullying is an epidemic, whether it happens on social media, the classroom, the playground or even at the office, bullying is not acceptable and must stop!

Tune in to a special broadcast event on Tuesday, October 20th from 7-8pm on 92.3 FM KTAR News & 98.7 FM, Arizona’s Sports Station to learn how you can recognize and prevent bullying.

Bullying won’t end unless we all stop looking the other way and get involved. You don’t have to be a superhero, just doing something, anything can go a long way to help end bullying.

Defining it may be difficult as it comes in many forms. Learning how to recognize it, taking positive actions to stop it, speaking with and educating our children are all ways in which we can conquer this together.

Whether you’re a parent or a student muststopbullying.org provides a list of important tools to recognize and act when a child is being bullied and end it once and for all.

Kindness is at the core of how people of all ages communicate with, treat and respect others. Take the Be Kind Pledge today.

Connect with Earnhardt Auto Centers and your next car buying experience will be Bully Free.

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