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Cardinals’ Bruce Arians makes an appearance in latest ‘Bad Lip Reading’ video

They’re at it again.

The folks at Bad Lip Reading have released their 2017 NFL edition, and like the prior videos in the series, it’s worth a chuckle or two.

Where else are you going to “hear” Eli Manning admit “the pain is enormous” during player introductions? How about Richard Sherman stating definitively “the wicked sherpa is deaf?”

And the exchange between Bryce Petty, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Todd Bowles is pretty humorous, too.

The Arizona Cardinals weren’t a frequent target in this season’s video, but head coach Bruce Arians appears at the 4:41 mark, ranting to an official about wind on bare skin. It’s silly, especially considering the veteran coach has never said that many words to an official without including an expletive.

Check it out for yourself — it’s worth six minutes of your day.

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