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Devin Booker banks in buzzer-beater to snap five-game losing streak

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but Devin Booker has been scoring 20 points or more in a lot of games lately.

The 20-year-old made it 15 straight games for his streak against the Sacramento Kings Friday night, becoming the only other player besides LeBron James to do so before they turned 21.

While that mark would be hit in the third quarter, Booker’s most notable shot was the last one in the game.

With the game tied at 103 and less than eight seconds left, it wasn’t much of a play design from head coach Earl Watson beyond getting Booker the ball.

With a good defender on him in Matt Barnes, Booker hit Barnes with a multitude of jab steps to try and steer the veteran any way he could. That didn’t do the job much, leaving Booker no choice but to rise as high as he could for a difficult fadeaway at the buzzer.

Booker’s shot bounced off the backboard and in, snapping the Suns’ five-game losing streak and giving Booker his first career buzzer-beater.

For his reward, Booker was slapped on the head by P.J. Tucker, who gave the Suns the lead with his own dramatic shot just a minute earlier.

Tucker’s corner three with 21 seconds left put the Suns up 103-101, but they would need Booker to close it out, and he delivered.

Booker finished the night with 33 points, his eighth game with at least 30 points this season and continuing his stellar form in the year 2017.

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