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Suns respond to Kings on Twitter after being handed ‘L’ earlier in season

The Phoenix Suns had a tweet saved in their drafts for quite some time in anticipation for Friday’s night game against the Sacramento Kings, but even they couldn’t have imagined a better way for it to go.

It started on Oct. 19, when the Suns tweeted a screenshot of a phone with the picture appearing to show Booker holding the message notification screen counting down the season opener.

Someone at the Kings social media team must have scribbled down some notes because one week later in the opener, the Kings beat the Suns 113-94 and tweeted back with a savvy response.

The next time the Suns played the Kings was Friday night, and in the best way possible, it was Booker himself who would beat Sacramento with a buzzer-beater.

It seemed only right to fire back with the L turned into a W.

As the story of the Twitter feud has been, the Kings took a look at their schedule and circled the date.

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