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Rob Gronkowski is partying for the people at the Patriots’ Super Bowl parade

Why would the stoic leader of the Patriots want to party during the team’s Super Bowl LI parade on Tuesday? Because Rob Gronkowski is a man of the people.

The fans wanted Gronk to party with them, and for that, he will give them what they wish for.

Don’t believe Gronkowski didn’t plan on partying?

Hear from Gronkowski himself.

“To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even planning on partying and coming on this, but the fans were asking for it and I’m giving the fans what they wanted to get,” the tight end said. “So I party for the fans. That’s how we do it, that’s how we roll.”

Here is a video of Gronkowski catching a beer from a fan and reluctantly shot-gunning a beer during the “shotgun” reference in “Jump Around” before Gronk-spiking the empty can.

Meanwhile, noted party person and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was getting a little too rowdy by leading the fans in a “No. Days. Off!” chant.

At one point in the parade, quarterback Tom Brady played catch with this television anchor, who showed off quite the accuracy with this bullet.

Also notable, Martellus Bennett and LeGarrette Blount looked to be straight out of the “Bad and Boujee” music video. We will update this post when we find video of Belichick doing the same.

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