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Julian Edelman was mic’d up when he made the catch of the Super Bowl

It was oh-so-close of a call that the Super Bowl LI officials got right.

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman made an incredible, diving grab that set up New England’s game-tying score and forced overtime in its championship victory on Sunday. Thanks to a few hot mics, we now know that Edelman himself was very sure his catch was complete, despite the fact it was centimeters from touching the turf.

“I caught it, I caught it, I caught it!” Edelman screamed while laying on the ground and ripping the ball away from three defenders.

“I caught it, crazy, I swear to (expletive)” he told Falcons defensive back Brian Poole.

“No way, no way,” Poole said, pointing at a stadium replay. “Look at that. Look at the ground.”

“Watch!” Edelman said while pointing at another replay.

The Patriots receiver got it right.

But as sure as Edelman was about arguably the biggest offensive play of the game for New England, he was quite slow to call it a Super Bowl victory after his team scored to win in overtime. He cautioned teammates to wait for the review.

Only when head coach Bill Belichick came over to tell him that the review had been completed did Edelman finally allow himself to celebrate.

Hooray for mic’d up athletes.

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