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Sean Miller gets stressed despite 19-point Arizona lead

Historically very sweaty man Sean Miller was at it again Thursday night, likely getting very sweaty as his Wildcats eventually carved out a 78-59 win at Washington State.

Arizona’s start was slow, but by halftime Miller’s squad had separated. With three minutes to play in the second half, the Wildcats were in sound shape, leading by 19 points. But when one Arizona player committed a somewhat silly foul considering the circumstances, cameras caught UA’s head coach stressing out on the sidelines.

Miller stood with his hands on his head, staring at the scene and — maybe — trying to calm himself.

It’s alright, Sean. Everything is OK. The Wildcats would go on to hold the 19-point margin.

Have a water, wipe the sweat off your face and relax. Your Wildcats are still ranked No. 5 in the nation with a 24-3 record.

Good advice right? Don’t you feel better?

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