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Suns’ Devin Booker shows off table tennis skills for talent challenge

It may be the All-Star break for the NBA, but Suns guard Devin Booker is doing drills and practicing another game for the NBA talent challenge.

Booker met with U.S. Men’s National Table Tennis Team coach Stefan Feth, demonstrating his proficiency at ping pong. The video shows Feth taking Booker through several drills, as well as Booker pulling a trick play on the Olympic coach.

“I’m really impressed,” Feth said after the training. “He’s such a quick learner and he’s so consistent. He never misses the ball. If he started a little earlier he would be on my team.”

Booker mentions that when he started in the NBA, the first thing he bought for his then-empty house was his own table.

“Learned a lot of new things today,” Booker said. “Learning from the best so I’ll take this back to my crib and, you know, whoop on my friends a little bit.”

The TNT crew scored each talent entrants performance. Booker scored a 36 out of 40, with one of the four going far lower than the rest of the group.

Other entrants included Magic guard Victor Oladipo singing and a rap by Iman Shumpert, Lou Williams and Metta World Peace.


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