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Tequila in Phoenix has part in ESPN College GameDay before Arizona-UCLA

Before two of the top teams in the country square off on Saturday night, one would hope that we would actually be talking about the game, or at the very least, basketball.

Apparently, it was not to be.

ESPN College GameDay traveled to Tucson for the marquee matchup between No. 4 Arizona and No. 5 UCLA, and with the national attention some great signs got produced to be shown off.

One of the signature moments though on the morning was an all-in-one perfect capture that featured both tequila and Phoenix.

One student decided to advertise his Venmo account and try to get his spring break paid for all because of a clever sign. Apparently he wanted enough money for some tequila shots while in Cabo, and for his viral moment, he probably cleaned up enough to last him a couple dangerous weeks there.

And of course, the University of Arizona plays their basketball games in Tucson, so we’re thinking an ASU alum didn’t want to give more national attention to his rival school by saying they were in Phoenix.

Only on GameDay.

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