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Rams reveal white and blue uniforms for 2017

The Los Angeles Rams hinted that white could be in and gold could be out when they eliminated the latter color from their logos last month.

And now, the next step in rebranding as Los Angeles’ team has become official. Los Angeles revealed Wednesday that its primary uniforms next season will be blue and white. The helmets cap the outfits with white — not gold — horns.

The white-on-blue look, a nod to the first Los Angeles Rams color schemes, debuted December 2016 when the Rams played the neon-clad Seattle Seahawks for a Color Rush game. Let’s just say fans reacted more positively than they did for Los Angeles’ mustard-on-ketchup Color Rush game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Thankfully, the Rams are going with their fans want.

To that extent, fans ultimately determined the color of the Ram’s face masks. The team’s Twitter account posted a poll with blue and white options to choose from. They chose white.

Los Angeles’ jerseys were unveiled Thursday, but fans already had a feeling of what the pants will look like. The Rams asked for a fan vote on two options of blue and white pants.

Single blue-striped pants, it is.

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