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Suns’ Brandon Knight, Alan Williams rifle through Tupperware full of candy

It’s not been an easy season for Suns guard Brandon Knight.

He lost his starting job, struggled in a bench role and the lost his playing time altogether. At least things remain sugary sweet while he awaits an opportunity sitting on the bench.

No, literally. He’s eating candy.

During the Phoenix Suns’ game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, TNT’s cameras caught Knight and center Alan Williams rifling through a Tupperware full of candy.

This brings up a few questions.

For one, why is there candy on the bench? Is this variety of candy from Halloween? How stiff is the Laffy Taffy if it is indeed from October?

Honestly, it sort of looks like the Tupperware is limited to gum, and chewing gum is a thing one can do while playing basketball, so maybe we’re overthinking this one a little bit.

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