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Darnell Dockett did right…and wrong

Darnell Dockett is not disloyal. Dockett is not a traitor. Dockett is, however, a hypocrite.

The Arizona Cardinals were 100 percent right in cutting Darnell Dockett.

Darnell Dockett has every right to sign a contract with any of the 32 teams after being cut by Arizona. Dockett didn’t have an employer anymore and he went and found one. Everything worked exactly as the players and owners collectively bargained.

“I personally feel like he chased the money versus chasing a ring.”

That’s not a tweet from a Cardinal fan. The Cardinals did not release a statement with that quote. Those are the words from Darnell Dockett offering his opinion on Karlos Dansby leaving Arizona to sign with Cleveland. If Dansby leaves Dockett, he’s chasing the money. If Dockett leaves Campbell and Peterson, he’s not chasing the money.

The only way to explain away Dockett’s decision as not hypocritical is if Dockett is saying he IS chasing a ring. How does that feel Calais and Patrick? According to Dockett, the 49ers are closer to a ring than you. Despite a new head coach, a QB that regressed, massive injury questions defensively and holes at RB and TE, it’s San Francisco that is in a better position than Arizona in 2015.

Dockett took more money than the Cardinals offered to sign with the San Francisco 49ers. Dansby took more money than the Cardinals offered to sign with the Cleveland Browns. Both men had the right to do it. Neither man exposed a character flaw by signing with another team. Dockett and Dansby are great examples of American capitalism.

Darnell Dockett still had a great career as a Cardinal. He still has a very good chance to have his name in the Cardinals ring of honor. Time will completely heal all wounds and he’ll retire as a Cardinal for life. Dockett is an outstanding football player who has overcome more than most Americans in his life.

When judging Dockett’s career, this moment will be ignored. When he judges the actions of other people, those comments will forever be ignored, as well.

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