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End to NFL lockout may be mere weeks away

The NFL lockout, which has frustrated and turned away so many fans, may be nearing an end.

“Sources characterize the owners and players as being in a ‘deal-making mode,'” Ron Wolfley said on KTAR Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf. “This is great news. I think a long-term deal is imminent.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell along with owners, players and NFL Players Association Chief DeMaurice Smith spent Tuesday in negations and are meeting again on Wednesday.
On Tuesday, it was reported that significant progress was being made, causing fans and Wolfley to regain hope, excitement and interest in the NFL.

“I think a long-term deal is on the horizon,” Wolfley said. “It would not surprise me if by next week, by next weekend, this lockout is over and we have labor peace in the NFL.”

While some remain skeptical, these latest rumors are certainly good news for football fans.

This does not mean the lockout is over just yet, but after weeks and months of seemingly no progress, the simple fact that the owners and players are having negotiations, with lawyers present, shows that both sides are eager to get a deal done.

Whether a deal is done as early as next week, as Wolfley suggests, or if it takes two to three weeks, it is beginning to look like there will be a full season of football in the fall, which is something everyone can be excited about.