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Seattle Mariners introduce grasshoppers as a ballpark food concession

(Twitter photo: @Darrenrovell)

When you think of classic ballpark food items, you probably think of hot dogs, cold beer, peanuts and grasshoppers, right?

Well, no, actually.

But that didn’t stop the Seattle Mariners from introducing the creepy-crawly food item to their menu at Safeco Field.

It seems like now days, every ballpark has come up with something unique or interesting. And while grasshoppers are a standard snack in some parts of the world, folks in Seattle might be weary of them at the ballpark.

Rovell explained on ESPN that the grasshoppers will be tossed in chili lime salt and served at “Poquitos,” a Mexican restaurant inside the Mariners’ stadium.

The best part? They’re just $4.

But hey, we’ll probably stick to the stuff at Chase Field. Even if the Diamondbacks are serving up outlandish food items, at least it will — for some — include more familiar ingredients:

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