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Watch Patrick Mahomes throw a football into a far away trash can

It’s possible the Arizona Cardinals will choose Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes at some point during the 2017 NFL Draft.

As intriguing a prospect as you will find, he has incredible arm strength and mobility to go along with good size. He is seen as being raw, however, and will have to learn to play in a different kind of offense than he did in college.

But the tools are tantalizing, and no doubt some team, even if it’s not the Cardinals, will pull the trigger hoping he develops into a franchise quarterback.

Maybe he will be just that, or perhaps he will not.

No matter what happens with Mahomes, one thing that will never be taken away from him is this moment, when he tossed a football through a window into a trash can that was located a floor or two below and a good distance away.

It’s not the most important throw Mahomes has made in his career, given that he tossed 93 touchdown passes in college, and it’s probably not even his most impressive.

But it was really cool, and if you were already on the Mahomes bandwagon, this short clip likely made you smile and a bit more confident in your QB.

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