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High school science students send Devin Booker to space on a weather balloon

How much of a star is Devin Booker in just his second NBA season, before his 21st birthday?

Booker scored 70 points in a game, so that helps the resume. Now, he’s literally visited the stars.

Sort of.

The likeness of the Phoenix Suns guard took a trip to the tip-top of Earth’s atmosphere on March 31 when a group of Pinnacle High School science students attached a picture of Booker to a weather balloon.

The image was a nice little tip of the cap to the Suns for allowing the science students the opportunity to learn.

Teacher Mike Vargas’ Near Space Team won a $2,500 grant from Arizona Public Service and the Suns to send a balloon to 97,000 feet high. Outfitted with a camera and other instruments to measure things that one might measure in the atmosphere, the instrument casing attached to the balloon fittingly was painted as a basketball.

The balloon reached a cruising speed of 60 mph and at its apex, the camera caught Booker overlooking the curve of the planet before he and the balloon fell back down to earth.

What can’t Devin Booker do?

Score 70 points … in space. Probably.

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