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Coyotes roast Timberwolves logo that looks a bit familiar

It feels like every new team logo or jersey reveal brings out the critics.

To be fair, creating a unique color scheme and a new design, and doing so when every other team’s mascot is a type of cat, dog or bird makes these things difficult.

Still, the Minnesota Timberwolves’ new logo revealed on Tuesday too easily looked like a mashup of the Seattle Sounders’ color palette and the Arizona Coyotes’ howling ‘Yote logo.

The T-Wolves introduced the new look with a new motto: “New era. New look.”

The Coyotes didn’t seem overly offended. Well, we don’t think so.

They took the logo drop with a sense of humor, tweeting at the T-Wolves on Wednesday with a little altered text: “New era. Same look.”

And as would be expected, the internet had some fun with the realization that both Wolves and Coyotes tend to howl with their heads held high.

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