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Bucks introduce Raptors lineup with ‘Barney & Friends’ theme song

There’s gotta be some psychological study to suggest how to completely disarm a group of hyper-focused, testosterone-fueled professional athletes.

It appears the Milwaukee Bucks got ahold of such a study and implemented a crippling, subliminal weapon to combat the visiting Toronto Raptors in Game 3 of their first-round series.

“What was it,” you may ask?

The Bucks played the theme song from your favorite children’s show “Barney & Friends” as they introduced the Raptors’ starting lineup. Get it? The Raps are purple dinosaurs, too!

There’s an argument the whole making-fun-of-dinosaurs thing was not priority No. 1 for Milwaukee. Seriously, this was all about getting into the Raptors players’ heads. And it worked.

The Bucks led 32-12 after the first quarter and piled on to win 104-77. If you want some idea of how poorly the Raptors were playing on both ends, they shot 34 percent to the Bucks’ 53 percent from the field.

Former Phoenix Suns player P.J. Tucker was not amused after taking the embarrassing loss.

The words he used to describe his feelings were not ones you can find in the “Barney & Friends” lyrics.

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