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Russell Westbrook stays consistent with Game 4 attire

Besides his triple-double prowess and ridiculous athleticism, Russell Westbrook is also known around the NBA for his choice of clothing.

From 17 Looks Only Russell Westbrook Could Pull Off to 15 Nuttiest Outfits Russell Westbrook Wore Off the Courtthe internet has documented the Thunder guard’s fashion sense thoroughly. He’s tried everything, from a denim jacket to bright-red glasses.

During the first round of the playoffs, Westbrook has kept his outfits in a consistent vein, including coming into Game 4 against the Houston Rockets on Sunday.

With the colored glasses, open-chest Hawaiian shirt and the thrown in gold, Westbrook’s look can best be defined as, “Music star from the 1990s who is still cool but not as famous as he used to be.”

The responses on Twitter predictably became an MVP debate, but there were a few nuggets of comedy between the arguments.

Westbrook’s direction of open-chest shirts has been consistent since Game 1, though he alternated between glasses and no glasses.

If there’s some kind of trend with Oklahoma City winning when Westbrook does or does not wear a certain item or color, it would benefit the team to find it. They trail 2-1 in this series and barely made it out of Game 3 with a 115-113 win.

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