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NFL Draft circus continues as orangutan makes Colts’ picks

The common theme over the last few years has been to have special people announce picks at the NFL Draft. Whether those people have fought and beat a deathly illness, have lost someone close, or are just in unique locations, the NFL loves to make the announcing of names more of a spectacle than it already is.

Suddenly the spectacle turned into a circus (or a zoo) on Saturday.

The Colts were at the Indianapolis Zoo for Day 3 of the NFL Draft, and instead of someone reading their picks, an orangutan made the picks for the team.

The orangutan’s first pick was USC’s Zach Banner, and what should’ve been a joyous moment for him probably was a little confusing. When he envisioned his name being called that he was chosen to play at the highest level, his wildest dreams surely didn’t feature an orangutan being involved.

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock was not appreciative of how his employer was doing with some of the announcements of the picks, and when an animal started making picks, he flat out hated it.

“If we’re going back to the zoo, I’m walking off the desk,” Mayock said, according to NBC Sports. “I’ve about had the zoo, OK? Enough. Enough. I mean, is this good TV?”

According to the NFL, it is.

The orangutan would later pick South Florida’s Marlon Mack and Albany State’s Grover Stewart.

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