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Cardinals announce draft picks with help from Johnson, Glassers at Grand Canyon

Having an orangutan make an NFL team’s draft selections now seems so unoriginal.

The Arizona Cardinals traveled up to the Grand Canyon to announce their selections on the third day of the NFL Draft on Saturday.

Running back David Johnson was joined by Kristen and Micah Glasser at the Grand Canyon, who helped announce the Cardinals’ fourth-round selection in Dorian Johnson.

Besides the beauty of the Grand Canyon in the background, it was a special tribute by the Valley’s football team as they showed support to the family of a police officer who was killed last year.

In May 2016, Phoenix police officer David Glasser was shot after responding to a burglary, passing away the next day. The Arizona community learned he was entrenched in all things local. He attended Phoenix Moon Valley High School before taking his studies to Arizona State University, then stayed in the area to join Phoenix’s law enforcement team.

Shortly after Glasser passed away, it was learned he was a huge Cardinals fan.

So David’s wife Kristen and son Micah joined the Cardinals at the Grand Canyon to do something special, and to honor their loved one.

Some park rangers helped announce the Cardinals’ 157th overall pick, naming Will Holden as Arizona’s choice.

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