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Darnell Dockett takes on ESPN’s Skip Bayless

Not long ago the Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett fired off a series of tweets about owning a gun.

Saying he has a license to carry and doesn’t bring it to work, the Pro Bowl defensive lineman wrote, “I got a son/family 2 look after & no 1 gonna protect them like me period!”

Dockett, of course, hasn’t broken any laws, but that didn’t stop ESPN blowhard personality Skip Bayless from chiming in on the subject.

Darnell Dockett shld be fined for gun tweets. Came off as boasting about artillery he owns. Sends terrible message to kids, NFL sponsors.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Yeah, umm, about that…

Dockett got wind of Bayless’ tweet and, as could be expected, responded.

@RealSkipBayless stop acting like a Chump! you or the NFL can’t protect me or my family. I haven’t broke the law! Fine me for what?less than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

Dockett tweeted a few other things, notably “my mom was murdered and she didn’t have a gun to protect her! Damn if her son won’t have one now.”

Clearly Dockett isn’t concerned with the message he’s sending and, really, nor should he be. Those who follow Dockett know what to expect and, quite frankly, he’s said far worse things than this via the social media platform.

If Dockett feels like he needs to own a gun and does so in a legal fashion who are we to argue? The Second Amendment says he can have one and, no matter where you fall on the topic of gun rights, it would appear no crime is being committed. Period. End of story.

In fact, this wouldn’t be a story at all if Bayless wasn’t trying to get his name in the news and become a topic of conversation.

Maybe the “journalist” should worry about the message that sends to kids and everyone else who sees it.