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Soccer linesman gets sick, crowd cheers and referee shows red card

The rigors of soccer — better known as football, to much of the world — can be taxing on the human body. Apparently, the physical strain of the sport hit a linesman right in the gut.

Or, maybe it was some bad food.

Either way, an official in a Scottish football match between Kilmarnock F.C. and Dundee F.C. in the Scottish Premiership threw up on the pitch. A broadcaster for the match named the official as Andrew McWilliam.

“Oh the game hasn’t been that bad, surely,” the TV commentator said. “Oh, dear.”

McWilliam’s vomit episode brought cheers and jeers from the crowd, and the nearby referee showed him a red card for his display.

“No sympathy from the crowd or, indeed, his fellow official,” the commentator continued.

No kidding.

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