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Arizona man is actually not Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander

One Arizona man and Detroit Tigers fan was visiting Chase Field on Wednesday to watch his team play the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Dressed in a Tigers ball cap and jersey, everyone was watching him. You know, because they thought he might be Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.

“When I used to go to games back home in Detroit, I had people sitting around me asking why I’m sitting up in the stands and not in the bullpen or something like that,” said not Justin Verlander in an interview with FOX Sports Detroit.

“Last time the Tigers were out here, same thing. I was down here and people were taking my pictures, asking for autographs and stuff like that. Happens quite a bit.”



Identified as @AZspartan83 on Twitter and listed in his bio as a Gilbert resident, not Justin Verlander said he’s only briefly interacted with Verlander once when the Tigers were last in Arizona.

He snapped a photo that’s now his profile picture with Verlander in the background.

Yep, we can see how somebody would make this mistake. Apparently, Verlander’s Tigers teammates believe that not Justin Verlander looks just like Justin Verlander as well.

“Last time I was here, Joba Chamberlain saw me and told me I look just like him and all the coaches and players turned around,” not Justin Verlander said. “They were laughing at how much I look like him.”

The real question we have: what perks come from looking just like Justin Verlander?

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