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Tom Brady doesn’t believe in curses, graces new Madden cover

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady brought his team back from a 28-3 deficit to shock the world and win another title last season against the Atlanta Falcons.

Winning his fourth Super Bowl and showing no signs of slowing down, a lot of people are suddenly worried that Brady’s career is in peril.

It has nothing to do with his aging body but it has everything to do with superstition, as it was announced Friday that the 39-year-old is going to be on the cover of Madden 18.

On the surface it looks like a real honor, but instead it’s a curse. At least, for the general public, because of the supposed “Madden Curse.”

Whether it be coincidence or a curse, many players who have graced the cover of the popular video game have a down year, or an injury plagued one at best, the following season.

Brady said he doesn’t believe in curses, and decided to flirt with danger in a video on his Facebook page by smashing a mirror and walking under a ladder, which are clear no-no’s if you’re superstitious.

Only time will tell if this was a big mistake for the Patriots’ star, or if he will simply quiet the doubters once again.

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