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Arizona Sports Insider Pass: Bad luck for the Suns, or is the NBA Draft Lottery rigged?

Conspiracy? Perhaps.

A result of bad luck? The odds weren’t as favorable as many might believe.

Earning the fourth overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft might’ve been expected for die-hard Phoenix Suns fans who know the team’s history of never winning the lottery (to be fair, many of those years they weren’t in consideration as a playoff team).

The odds were that the Suns could very likely fall to fourth, and past lotteries have seen many teams with the second-best odds do the same. And as the top-3 went Tuesday night — the Celtics (via trade), Lakers and Sixers will pick first through third — big media markets earning those picks certainly could be viewed as a conspiracy.

No matter what you believe, Suns fans can all agree that they can’t have nice things as a result of the draft lottery.

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