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Shaq’s toe is very gross. Why did you show it, TNT?

Twitter shall dub it “the night of Shaq’s toe.”

On most nights, TNT’s Inside the NBA crew would be more entertaining than a blowout by the Cavaliers in the Celtics’ win-or-go-home game of the Eastern Conference Finals.


Not on this night.

For some reason on Thursday, Shaquille O’Neal’s foot became the topic of conversation, and it was then revealed that, uh, there’s something not right about it.

We all knew Shaq has very large hoofs, but his right big toe was monstrous to the point of not being proportional with the rest of his foot. It was also sideways, not to mention very disgusting.

“What is that thing where your big toe should be?” Inside the NBA’s Ernie Johnson said.

Did we mention Shaq’s toe is disgusting?

Here’s what Twitter had to say about the matter.

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