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Richard Sherman comes through in giving away a college scholarship

A high school graduate will be attending college with a nice scholarship, thanks to the generosity of Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman.

The promise was made last year that if high schooler Hershai James could improve her grades and finish her senior year on the honor roll, then Sherman would provide her with a college scholarship.

James met Sherman at a Celebrity Waiter Dinner and a football camp organized by Sherman’s former teammate Michael Robinson to benefit the Excel to Excellence Foundation.

“It goes back to knowledge is power and if you have knowledge you’re going to be as powerful as you ever want to be,” Sherman said via “Nobody stops anybody from reading and educating themselves. Mike [Robinson] is only trying to empower these kids to be everything that they can be and if we can help with that with our presence, with our [autographed] jerseys [to be auctioned], with our words, we’ll do everything we can.”

The promise inspired James, and led her to achieving honor roll.

“When my senior year began, I definitely had the scholarship in my head as motivation,” James said. “Having something to look forward to helped. It’s like saying my hard work and dedication had paid off.”

Her hard work and dedication will lead to a college scholarship out of the pockets and great kindness of Sherman.

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