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Blind Cubs fan gets help from Good Samaritan

Flagging down a taxi cab can be a hard thing to do for any of us. Imagine trying to do that without being able to see?

One blind Cubs fan was trying to do exactly that earlier this week, and wasn’t having much luck. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan was nearby.

Casey Spelman, 26, was visiting Wrigleyville, and after the Cardinals-Cubs game on Saturday, she witnessed the blind fan struggling to get a ride.

So, she assisted the Cubs fan in successfully getting a taxi to pick him up, waiting with him the whole time.

Another man with no connections to the two saw what was happening from a rooftop bar and decided to snap some photos, hoping to give a shout-out to the woman later.

We’re pretty sure that Spelman would have helped out the blind Cubs fan even if she was a lover of the Cardinals … maybe.

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