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Dahntay Jones and the Kardashians: Game 4 of the Finals is weird

The Kardashians and Dahntay Jones pretty much sum up Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Wait, what?

Yes, there was more celebratory drama involving commentator Jeff Van Gundy, and the one player we all knew would be the X-Factor in the series, Dahntay Jones, got involved.

At least Dwyane Wade got a front row view of it all, if he could actually see the action in those glasses.

Wade’s former teammate in Miami, Hassan Whiteside, was a fan of his attire…

Now back to the celebrities who we may never be able to escape.

Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson is dating Khloe Kardashian, and many thought it was the Kardashian curse affecting his play, but Van Gundy wasn’t standing for it, as he proceeded to interrupt a possible championship clinching game with a rant.

Somehow, Van Gundy is finding ways to talk more about celebrities than basketball itself, as in Game 1, the world got to witness him crushing on Rihanna.

Jones, who hasn’t logged a single minute in the game, somehow made an impact. A negative impact that is.

Jones was given a technical foul for trash talking Kevin Durant, and it didn’t stop there.

Oh, and LeBron James is still very good at basketball.

The NBA Finals is fun.

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