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Rattlers opponent channels Stephen Curry, celebrates with a squat and earns flag

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, Warriors point guard Stephen Curry should prepare to be flattered.

Curry’s subtle squatting celebration in Game 3 of the NBA Finals got lost in the news cycle because it came after the game’s biggest play, a three-point, go-ahead bucket by Kevin Durant. But it appears Curry has inspired one Indoor Football League opponent of the Arizona Rattlers on Sunday.

Cedar Rapids Titans receiver Damond Powell scored a touchdown at Talking Stick Resort Arena and to celebrate, he squatted before using the ball as a prop. It wasn’t too difficult to understand the imagery he was trying to create.

Powell was flagged, though we’re not sure if the Indoor Football League has strict celebration rules prohibiting use of the ball to celebrate. It’s likely the officials knew the exact picture Powell was trying to paint.

Curry’s event was a bit more mysterious.

It wasn’t clear if he was trying to project the same celebration as Powell or if he was, you know, just stretching his quads.

Only one bold reporter at the NBA Finals, Dan Feldman of NBC Sports, dared to press Curry on the matter.

It didn’t go over well.

Curry called the question “crazy.” Kevin Durant told Feldman: “I like you, but you’ve got to be better.”

We now await word on whether Damond Powell will be questioned by the Cedar Rapids media regarding his own celebration.

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