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ESPN NFC West blog knocks Chester Taylor

It may have been a short blog post, but it could deflate a lot of Arizona Cardinals’ fans hopes.

ESPN’s NFC West Blog rained on new Cardinal running back Chester Taylor’s parade with a few stats about Taylor’s recent running struggles.

According to the blog, Taylor’s average run last year was only for 2.38 yards, making it the worst for any back with a minimum of 100 carries in a season since 1970.

Never fear, Cards fans. Taylor wasn’t for an explosive run game for huge yards every Sunday — though that would help my fantasy team — because he doesn’t offer one.

As a veteran back, Taylor offers the Cardinals an option for short-yardage third downs, pass protection and a decent set of receiving hands in the backfield. Basically, he’s not going to be a big-name back racking up big plays a la Adrian Peterson, but he has a role to play. It may not be glamorous, but every team needs a workhorse running back willing to contribute to the team any way they can.

The Cardinals got that player when they signed Taylor.