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Trivia Tuesday: Second-round draft picks who became NBA All-Stars

The NBA Draft, for the most part, is about the franchise-altering players at the top of the first round. You know, the blue-chip stars who enter the league with hype that sometimes is lived up to.

Yet, some teams have been adept at finding talent in the second round, as well.

That’s the subject of this week’s Trivia Tuesday — players selected in the second round of the NBA Draft who went on to become All-Stars.

Twenty-one such players have made that leap since 1986. We’ve given you the year the player was drafted, the school or country they were drafted from and the team(s) they represented in the All-Star Game. That last part is important, because not every player became an All-Star for the team that drafted him.

This one is a little tough, so we’ve given you ten minutes on the clock. Good luck!

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