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Luis Gonzalez, J.J. Putz have epic lightsaber duel through Chase Field

It’s a dilemma as old as time. There’s one piece of food left around the workplace, whether it’s pizza, donuts or bagels, and there has to be a way to decide who gets it.

Former D-backs and current front office members Luis Gonzalez and J.J Putz re-create this problem in the offices on bagel Wednesday in a video featured on the team’s social media.

The best way to settle this ahead of Star Wars night on Saturday is, of course, with a lightsaber duel, filled with the epic music from the film series.

Gonzo and Putz show off their moves, including some impressive rolls from Putz.

The two are too good for each other and the faceoff yields no clear winner.

They end by claiming the other should have it before the bagel flies off the table and into the hands of a large, imposing figure.

Yes, that’s Randy Johnson dressed as Darth Vader, cementing this video’s awesomeness.

If you thought this video was tough to do with a straight face, you’re right. Check out the bloopers below.

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