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Do not ask LaVar Ball for tips on how to enter a wrestling ring

At the same time as the start of the NBA Awards on TNT, the Ball family made an appearance on WWE’s Monday Night Raw.

As you would expect the controversial father of Los Angeles Lakers No. 2 overall pick Lonzo Ball to do, LaVar Ball’s entrance was not a typical celebrity guest appearance on the wrestling program.

For about the first two seconds of his entrance, Ball appeared to just be going with a strut, but, oh no, then he made it special.

Ball did a combination of a sprint and high step to the ring. Despite all his momentum, Ball did not have enough to slide under the bottom rope of the ring in a clean fashion. Instead, his body just stopped and Ball wound up on his back with one leg up in the air.

If you expected it to end there, you haven’t been following LaVar long enough.

Eventually, his segment with WWE’s The Miz in the ring with Big Baller Brand clothing behind them led to The Miz taking his shirt off. Ball responded, taking his own off and doing some type of Tai Chi.

As expected, his sons Lonzo and LaMelo got involved the most by sitting in their chairs and laughing at whatever their father was doing.

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