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Arizona QB Kevin Kolb eager to play opener against Panthers

After a long offseason that included a lockout, a new labor deal and the quickest and probably busiest free agency period in recent history, regular season football is finally back, and new Arizona QB Kevin Kolb is ready to go.

“After a long offseason of thinking where I’m going to and how it’s going to turn out, all that comes to focus now,” Kolb said. “Now we can just focus on the game which is what players want anyways, they just want to get back to the game.”

Kolb was one of the players involved in that crazy free agent period and has only had just over a month to get acclimated with the Cardinals system. So, the quarterback knows he may not break records with his first performance.

“As long as we come out with a W I don’t care what my stats are,” Kolb said. “That’s going to be a long time investment so I don’t have to prove it this game I’m not going to put that pressure on myself.”

The return of the regular season also means the return of game planning, one thing Kolb has enjoyed about the preparations for Sunday’s opener against the Carolina Panthers.

“You get back into the routine and how it’s supposed to be,” Kolb said. “It feels a lot different today just coming in here and watching a couple hours of film the last couple of days and you feel a lot more comfortable.”

Carolina has a new coaching staff and with only four preseason games there isn’t much film showing what the Panthers like to do.

“Obviously we haven’t seen a whole lot,” Kolb said. “They’re talented, their backers with [Jon] Beason in there are as talented as anybody they got the guys up front so we know we have our work cut out for us.”

While Kolb believes it is important to prepare well, he also thinks it’s prudent to not over-think things.

“There is a fine line between playing the game and being prepared and I want to make sure I find that line,” Kolb said. “The biggest thing is putting a bunch of pressure on yourself, watching to much film and over thinking their looks.”

So whether it looks good or not, the only thing Kolb really cares about is the final score.

“We just got to get this thing started off right,” Kolb said. “It’s a big game for us being at home. After last season after all the new faces around here were very excited and focused to make sure we come out on the right foot.”