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D-backs get philosophical when asked ‘is a hot dog a sandwich?’

One day a year, until the end of mankind, we will be asked if a hot dog is a sandwich.

This day in 2017 is National Hot Dog Day, and the Arizona Diamondbacks bring a few questions to the table when trying to tackle this question. Critical thinking requires asking questions, approaching the query with an open mind and then discussing.

As if they were bringing this wonder to Socrates himself — no, not the Brito one — the D-backs bring up these very important considerations when determining if a hot dog is indeed a sandwich.

“It’s a complicated question,” said Zack Godley. “I mean, yes, it is a piece of meat sandwiched between two pieces of bread — but then also, no, because it’s one piece of bread, not two.”

Robbie Ray determines that cutting the bun into two pieces of bread seals the deal. Godley agrees.

Archie Bradley can see it that way.

But then this leads us down another road: SUBWAY sandwiches also have one connecting piece of bread.

“If you’re calling SUBWAY a sandwich, then a hot dog’s a sandwich,” Bradley concludes.

This leads us to more questions about SUBWAY.

But staying on topic, Andrew Chafin thinks it depends if you eat a hot underhand or overhand. What does that mean? We think it might be along the train of thought as Godley and Ray.

“You don’t hold a sandwich sideways,” he says. “But you hold a sandwich like this (motions eating a hot dog overhand) so if the bun’s sideways and you split it or something that’s definitely a sandwich.”


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